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1000 Homes Project, is it just another dumping ground for Frankston North Residents?

Department of Health and Human Services Victoria | Building new homes to fight homelessness (

A great initiative for those in need, but how will they ensure that these properties are managed better by DHHS , DFFH and FCC than the previous taxpayer assets that they ignored and allowed to turn into ghetto housing, drug dens and squalor and left for their ratepaying community to live with?

The State Government of Victoria has embarked on the 1000 Homes Project "Building new public housing properties to help Victorians escaping family violence, homelessness and life on the streets."

Better homes and stronger communities

We are committed to providing public housing as an essential part of Victoria’s social safety net and providing better homes and stronger communities for all Victorians. Getting a job, studying, participating in community and turning one's life around is more achievable with a safe and secure place to call home. The Victorian Government announced in October 2018 that it would help more Victorians escaping family violence, homelessness and life on the streets by building 1,000 new public housing properties. The $209 million investment will include 800 one and two-bedroom properties and 200 three-bedroom properties, providing homes for about 1,800 Victorians across the state. The new properties will be built in areas of high need across Victoria. The new construction will provide homes that are comfortable, modern and energy efficient and part of a vibrant and well-connected neighbourhood. The new homes will be built over three years, with all properties to be completed by late 2022. In addition to investing in housing and support services, we're providing public housing tenants with real opportunities and pathways out of homelessness through our Public Tenant Employment Program (PTEP).

Project delivery The first phase of the program proposes building a minimum of 160 homes on 60 sites owned by the Director of Housing. The sites are on vacant or untenanted land and spread throughout Victoria. The preferred approach currently is to demolish and replace existing under-utilised and untenanted public housing with more new homes for every old home demolished.

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