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MP from the DFFH finally sends a reply and it's a fine example of MP's working for our tax money.

OFFICIAL: Correspondence (BAC-CO-12699) DFFH Ministers Minister Donnellan (DFFH) <>Wed, Apr 14, 10:00 AM (5 days ago) to me OFFICIAL Dear Mr Harvey Thank you for your email of 29 March 2021 to the Hon Luke Donnellan MP, Minister for Child Protection and Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers, regarding the property of 2 Marlock Street, Frankston North. As the matter raised falls within the portfolio responsibilities of the Hon Richard Wynne MP, Minister for Planning, Minister for Housing, your correspondence has been referred to the Minister for consideration. Yours sincerely Office of the Hon Luke Donnellan MP Minister for Child Protection Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Department of Families, Fairness and Housing | 50 Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000 t. 03 9096 0301 | e. | OFFICIAL Minister Donnellan (DFFH) (

Below is my DRAFT Reply


Hello "Office of the Hon Luke Donnellan MP" Thank you for your expedient and may I say very personal response. Your genuine engagement in addressing this issue with the subsequent forwarding of the email to the Honourable Richard Wynne MP, Minister for Planning, Minister for Housing is commendable. It should be noted that the "Honourable" Mr Wynn like many of the other Honourable Ministers in DFFH, would already have received a copy as it was emailed directly from myself as was the identical request to MP's Facebook message service. This task was completed several weeks ago and received little to no genuine interest or replies...which appears to be consistent performance standard amongst many Honourable Ministers, and isn't that a sad indictment on the efficiency and genuine commitment and integrity of the taxpayer funded democratic system. The house in question has now been demolished with the assistance of the Honourable Minister Paul Edbrooke State MP for Frankston. I would like to highlight that it was only he, who out of the seven (7) Honourable Ministers contacted four (4) from your department, to actually act on his word. The task of demolishing this dangerous, garbage infested and syringe filled former drug den was completed last Friday. and The HONOURABLE Ministers of the DFFH, whom we are told are responsible for this State owned and managed asset as well as the many other dilapidated burnt out or boarded up eyesores and government funded drug dens in the Frankston suburb, appeared to have played little to no part in achieving this outcome. We appreciate your reply and the excruciating effort you must have invested by push the forward button on your outlook menu bar which thereby finally allowed us to firmly close the gate well long after this proverbial horse has bolted. Really it's a Job Well Done!.

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