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A Reply from the office of Paul Edbrooke MP

This Morning I received the email below and my reply is attached.

On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 9:11 AM Elizabeth Whild <> wrote: Dear Dwayne, Thank you for contacting the Office of Paul Edbrooke MP in relation to the property at 2 Marlock Street, Frankston. Paul made representations on your behalf and enquired with the Department of Housing’s Frankston office to establish the future plans of the property. As you are aware, the property suffered a fire last year and the tenants belongings were damaged and unsalvageable. The Department of Housing will dispose of the belongings on behalf of the tenant. Before the property can be demolished and the grounds cleared, an asbestos report had to be completed to ensure the safety of all crew involved. This report has been completed and the clean up can now begin. It is expected that all works to demolish and clear the block will be completed as a matter of urgency. The cleared block will then be assessed for suitability for participation in the 1000 homes project, or will have a single dwelling property rebuilt to accommodate our community’s most vulnerable. I again thank you for contacting the Office of Paul Edbrooke MP. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office for assistance with state matters in the future. Kind regards Elizabeth Whild Paul Edbrooke MP | State Member for Frankston 140 Young Street, Frankston VIC 3199 T: 9783 9822 E: This office is located on the land of the Kulin Nations

Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for contacting me to inform me of the plan. Can you please advise me if the DoH is the DFFH as the Mayor informed the Herald Sun Newspaper in his recent interview regarding this property that it was DFFH that owned the property. You reply and assistance is genuinely very much appreciated. Just in case you are not aware, 3 trucks arrived at the 2 Marlock Street Frankston North property on 1st April, nailed up some boards on the windows and left, no cleaning and no securing of fences and gates. There is still rodent infested rubbish all over the front and rear yards and the council rubbish bins are left full and tipped over on the nature strips. In addition it should be noted that this property and the other more than one dozen other properties within the Seaford, Frankston and especially North Frankston area in derelict and abandoned condition and being used for homeless dwellings are now posted in online forums such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and even have there own webpage. As "it is expected that the property will be cleared as a matter of urgency" would you be able to provide an approximate time frame on the clearing of the block as the previous house in identical condition in Monterey Boulevard took 2 years to demolish and clear up, and that clearly is an extremely long and unacceptable timeline and I would like to inform the Herald Sun in the follow up interview on Thursday of the progress Regards Dwayne Harvey

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