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Paul Edbrooke State MP get's action when the FCC Mayor & 4 DFFH MP's do not even bother to reply.

This morning the work commenced on 2 Marlock Street Frankston North and in a large part it's thanks to the help of Paul Edbrooke State MP for Frankston.

Our email of gratitude is published below.

Hello Elizabeth,

I just wanted to inform you that clearly Paul's request for action has had a significant impact at 2 Marlock Street Frankston North. There are workers there at the moment and they have completed the asbestos inspection and are in the process of removing rubbish and will commence demolition once the rubbish is cleared. They were telling me in conversation that the excessive amount of syringes in the front and rear yards and house interior is incredible and this may potentially require excavation of the surface topsoil once the house is demolished.

Please thank Paul for his genuine effort to assist us in having this property appropriately managed and making the Frankston North community a little bit safer.

Kindest Regards

Dwayne Harvey

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